Wednesday, December 14, 2005


For a number of years now islamic lebanese youfs (youves?) have been viewed with ever increasing antipathy within Sydney. This perception isn't solely due to the media's coverage - as some islamic clerics have suggested - nor is it solely due to anti-social behaviour of said youfs. Rather their reputation is a complex concoction of self-inflicted notoriety and media imposed vilification.

The vilification element has been discussed in other places but anyone who's read the various 2UE talkback radio transcripts can see that the dark underbelly of racism is well and truly alive in Australia. Indeed if you go and read through some of the posts in this forum it becomes particularly apparent that there is a depth of feeling in the (predominately anglo) "surfing community" toward the Leb Youf that is simply disturbing.

But is some of that feeling justified? Are the racial stereotypes which lebs are on the receiving end part and parcel of their cultural upbringing and/or mysoginistic religious teachings?

We must remember the 14 islamic lebanese youf who taught sydneysiders what was meant when "aussie pigs" are done "leb-style". I still remember hearing reports of the trials, when the rapists expressed a complete and total lack of remorse for their crimes, even to the point of making death threats against the victims within the court.

And we were reminded of this type of behaviour when a gang of Boyz from Beruit beat the snot out of a pair of lifeguards who were reportedly defending women from the polite attentions of these would-be suitors. And then - according to eyewitness accounts - the thugs then returned on the tuesday to dish out retaliation after one of them got nicked for the bashing.

And in a wonderful display of escalation, after the fed-up locals + the sms reading rent-a-crowd made a show of solidarity and force, the boyz went and torched some churches.

By my count that's a fairly one-sided score card in the grievance stakes.

But of course we must remember dear readers that its all the sensationalist media's fault. Its not just the "lebs" that harrass women on the beach, anglos do it too... And really when you think about it, there isn't that much of a difference between: "show us yer tits luv" and "ya fucking pig-slut - We'll show ya leb-style".

Let's also not forget the various antics of the Canterbury Bulldog's supporters who, it seems, take a leaf out of their team's playbook when it comes to behaviour in public.

So for all the "community leaders" and their empassioned pleas for calm and understanding, for people to "reach out" to the "troubled" youf of lakemba - what I think is needed is a pretty clear condemnation of the insidious culture that leads young men to think that its okay to force themselves on 14 year old girls or that its okay to walk down a beach and threaten violence on beachgoers, and indeed visit that violence upon people.

Maybe the "community" ought to look at the values that they hold that have lead to this dark racist place in Australian history?

One commentator I read somewhere reminded us that violent mysoginism was once a feature of Australian culture. That the women's temperance leagues were indeed established to try to curb licentious and violent behaviour in the colonies. And they have a point.

We had a problem with alcoholism and domestic violence in Australia - and we confronted it - we took on the issues of womens rights and domestic violence and took action to curb them. And sure, we still have problems, but (and this is a big but) at least we don't glorify those problems or pretend that they are an intrinsic part of our culture and religious teachings.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Face of the Left

Ah – I love the left. Nothing like a little compassion, love and social justice to make the cockles of one’s heart glow with Choke, Cough, Splutter

We're leveling the playing field already. This is just one more, and it's not the last. I love the way we fucked that dirty little shithead Gannon. We'll fuck more of them before this is over. God, I love the smell of ruined Republicans in the morning!
We have to learn to enjoy hurting people, hurting them a lot, hurting them any way we can and every chance we get. Anybody who's not with us, we fuck him and fuck him hard. Anything we can get, anything that'll stick. Remember when LBJ floated a rumor that an opponent, a pig farmer, had sex with his own pigs? An aide told LBJ nobody'd believe it. LBJ said "I know, I just want to hear the sonofabitch denying it." That's our model.

Well, Azazel never said he plays particularly nice. If you think that you are so superior in terms of intelligence, foresight and risk analysis that you believe you can control or dictate what I can and can’t do, then I’m going to call you on it. In fact I may even call you nasty names.

Conservative/Libertarian commentators such as Andrew Bolt & Janet Albrechtson in Australia or Mark Steyn or Anne Coulter in the US usually rely on ridicule and humour to belittle the left. Okay, admittedly Anne Coulter goes a little overboard from time to time but I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say “Fuck them, hurt them, any way we can.”

It’s just an observation but it seems to me that left and right, particularly on university campuses have two entirely different approaches to things.

Right: I have an internally consistent ideology supported by centuries of philosophical thought and debate. My ideas are superior and are supported by logic, I just need to get the message out there. Maybe I’m not explaining myself clearly enough. I need to try to be more concise and logical in order to convert more believers.

Left: I have an ideology that promises to correct the perceived ills of society, but they’re all out to get me. The police, the politicians, the MAN – you know. It’s no point in trying to convert any normal people out there, they’re all consumerist drones captured by the multinationals and brainwashed with capitalist advertising working as slaves. I have to do anything, ANYTHING at all in order to free them of their slavery – then they might understand just how cool my ideas are.

I’ll throw in a few personal experiences to support this theory.

Azazel, once upon a time when dinosaurs walked the earth, was involved in campus politics. A strident libertarian I ran with or organised any number of right wing tickets to win our student organisation. The left held control of that organisation and stooped to any means to retain control including, but not limited to:

  • Appointing openly biased electoral officers. In one case one of these left wing EO’s attempted to sexually assault our presidential candidate. The same EO, in a different year, disqualified another of our presidential candidates for failing to stop a fight between two 6 foot tall 270 lbd thugs when firstly she was a five foot tall 100 lbd asian girl and secondly Thug number one had been racially vilifying her. Thug one, of course was one of the lefts candidates and escaped scot free.
  • Another biased EO disqualified every single opposition team in one year on incredibly thin grounds to give the unpopular incumbent left team an open field run.
    Amusingly enough, after lobbying, various threats of legal action, threats of intervention by the universities peak body, the left finally allowed an impartial electoral officer and strangely enough lost in a landslide in the first year of free elections.
  • Add to all of this type of behaviour a few others. Mrs Azazel was almost run down in a car park by a crazy lesbian “activist”, and by run down I don’t mean, oops sorry I didn’t see you there. I mean foot flat to the floor, swerving for her and the only reason today I still have her is that she dived between some other parked cars.

I could go on for hours, stories about malicious litigation funded by student unions designed solely to bankrupt right wing activists, stalking of female candidates, home invasions staged by left wingers, the scar on Mrs Azazel’s forehead caused by another rabid lesbian troll king-hitting her whilst wearing a bulky ring.

Essentially there are no boundaries on left wing behaviour. As the quote from Kos above suggests: "We have to learn to enjoy hurting people, hurting them a lot, hurting them any way we can and every chance we get. Anybody who's not with us, we fuck him and fuck him hard.”

That ladies and gentlemen is the face of the left.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Great Vice

One of the major reasons Azazel retreated to the abyss of blogging lurkerdom temporarily was that he re-discovered his rage. Rage was the reason for Boils My Blood in the first place and I realised in December last year that I’d lost the rage.

I’d become what I hate most. A sycophantic, unquestioning defender of the Howard Government. Well no more.

That’s not to say I’d rather see a Labor Prime Minister. Heaven Forbid!

Rather I want to know where the voice of small government has gone. Where is the push for tax cuts? Where is the push for less regulation, not more? Where are the Liberals in Parliament demanding the government stay out of their bedrooms? Where are the Liberals defending the constitution, the division and separation of powers? Where are the Liberals fighting to radically overhaul social welfare and get the governments hand out of our wallets?

I’ll tell you where they all are. They’re sitting in the Parliamentary Party Room providing anilingus to John Howard, the biggest spending prime minister in history, and hoping for a Junior Ministry in the next reshuffle.

It makes me sick.

Let me quote something that really made me mad today.

“The great vice of democracy - a vice which is exacting a bitter retribution from it at this moment - is that for a generation we have been busy getting ourselves on to the list of beneficiaries and removing ourselves from the list of contributors, as if somewhere there was somebody else’s wealth and somebody else’s effort on which we could thrive.”

Why did that make Azazel mad I hear you say. I’ll tell you why it made me mad: because it was spoken 60 years ago by the Liberal Party’s founder: Robert Menzies.

60 years ago he put his finger on the problem succinctly and brilliantly. 60 years on and nothing has changed.

For those sixty years the Coalition has been in power for 45 of them…

45 years the Liberal party has had to mould the government in our own visage and what do we have today? A bigger, more bloated, far more instrusive behemoth full of blank faced bureacraps with nothing better to do than dream up new ways to torture you with regulation and legislation, bamboozle you with overly complicated forms and burden you with nonsensical, archaic processes.

More people than ever receive government assistance than at any other time in our nations history.

Governments Australia wide now collect more taxes than at any other time in our history.
The inevitable drum of Statism beats on and the men and women in Canberra who’s job it is to beat the bureaucratic beast back are too busy felching the prime minister to give a damn.

I'm baaaaccckkk...

Right, now shut up and listen - all of you. And yes, that includes the freaky looking guy up the back with the funny nose.

I'm back, I'm still pissed off and I'm still venting my spleen at whatever targets of opportunity pop up, including but not limited to:

  • Leftist moonbats requiring a thorough clobbering with the cluebat;
  • Nanny State-ers bent on increasing the sphere of government;
  • Conservative nut jobs who think that dancing, drinking, pre-marital sex and generally everything fun in the world is inherently evil;
  • Compassionate fairies who think that regulating everything is the ultimate solution to all of societies woes, and;
  • Generally anyone who gets under my skin.
Some of you are probably wondering where I went. Well I took a blogging holiday. I stopped enjoying posting, instead I was more concerned with actually posting something rather than posting something interesting.

So here are the new rules.

Azazel does not post every day.

He posts when he feels like it.

And he doesn't apologise for annoying anyone.

Got it? Good.

Now go away and come back when I've got something else to say.